Thomas Merton once said, “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another”.

At the LEAP schools, this is what we are taught; Love is nothing unless it is shared with others. That, love is more of a verb than it is a noun. That is why we decided to leave our homes to share the love with our friends at the Binsere L/A primary school.

I must say the fun was ‘Intense!’. Our teachers did a good job by making us look like Santa just dropped by; with our blood-red costumes and interesting paintings on our faces. It was just fun the whole time.

Going out to join our friends at Binsere opened our eyes to the truth that life really is not lived in isolation. We learned that there are others elsewhere who may be different from us in some ways but also similar to us in many ways.

We ate and embarked on many fun activities together. It was such a joy to mingle with brothers and sisters who we perhaps may never have met in life, if not for this awesome opportunity given us. We have realized that life is not just in Kunka New Town. How priceless can your Valentine’s day experience be than getting to take a photograph with a new friend you just made?

The thought that we at the LEAP Schools are not going to change the world alone, is one that gives us much joy. There is an army being raised at Binsere and many other places too, we believe. It was such a privilege to meet future problem solvers and to spend time with them.

This year’s Valentine’s day did not just bring us chocolates and red dresses. It brought us real love. Love that is shared with others. We cannot wait for the next Valentine’s Day.

Download the PDF version of our visit!

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