Our Classes


Class size is limited to 6 – 12 students/class. A waiting list will be available.


Weekend and holiday care/special fun time like birthday party is available upon request.


The LEAP schools’ staff are qualified, well trained and sufficient to run the school with an average child/staff ratio of 1/5 for crèche and 2/25 for all other classes.

Crèche                                –                   6 months – 2 years

Nursery 1                           –                   2 – 3 years

Nursery 2                          –                    3 – 4 years

KG 1                                    –                   4 – 5 years

KG 2                                   –                   5 – 6 years

Lower Primary                 –                   6 – 9 years

Upper Primary                 –                   9 – 12 years


Classes begin between the hours of 8:00am to 2:30pm
Please Note: 
Students could be engaged after closing upon adequate notice and arrangements by parents.

The school closes down for all statutory holidays, Easter and Christmas.


Drop-off shall be done by only parents & adults known by the school; between the hours of 7:00am and 8:00am. Please bring your child into the school’s compound and hand her over to her teacher. Give care bag and accessories to your child’s carer.

Say goodbye and leave happily. You may help your child get settled if necessary, however, if your child is having a hard time settling in, the best approach would be to say good bye and leave. Children would normally settle within a few minutes of parents leaving.

Please inform the school if you are planning to bring your child later than 8:00am. The school will contact parents/guardians in cases of child non-reporting by 12:00hrs noon. Parents/guardians must notify the school to inform cases of absenteeism, be it for short/long periods.

Phoning to check on your child after drop-off
Please have the confidence that your child is being taken care of by our staff. Calling often may disrupt the attention given to your child and others. Kindly call the school only between the hours of 12:00hrs – 13:00hrs if need be.


Pick up shall be done by only parents/guardians known by the school; between the hours of 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Please pick up your child on time; to allow for staff to prepare well enough to take care of your child on subsequent days.

If pick up arrangements change and someone else is to pick up your child, please notify the school and ask the person to bring an accepted national identification (ID) card along.

After Care, Hygiene and Comfort, Health and Medication


Students could be engaged on Saturdays/holidays/ vacation depending on the arrangements between school and parents.


The school will be kept hygienically clean and 
safe as possible. Toys and playing items will
be kept clean always. The school will promote personal hygiene habits formation in children including washing of hands before eating and
after using the bathroom.

Please ensure that your child’s nails are always trimmed; especially for Monday morning
inspection. Children who suck their fingers
will not be forced to stop doing so, however,
they will be encouraged to keep hands clean.
Please dress children comfortably for school. Clothing should not restrain children from playing. Please provide extra clothing always. Children
must wear sturdy and comfortable shoes.


Please take care of your child at home when he/she is sick. Sickness may easily be passed on to other children.

The school will call parents in case of sickness. No medicine shall be administered by the school. First aid in terms of external treatment shall be administered when needed. (There is a clinic located in the vicinity of the school which parents can access). In case of other emergencies, the right authorities will be contacted first before calling parents.

Child immunization card will be inspected before enrollment. Please ensure to update and keep a copy at the school.

The school will have routine inspections by the Social welfare service, Ghana Education service and any other such authorized bodies. It will also support both local and national health drives by allowing authorized persons to take care of children and the school premises.