The noble man, Tettey Quashie, did not just bring us a means of Livelihood and economic growth. He also brought us a priceless cultural heritage, a product that has defined the lives of our forefa- thers and our blessed nation for the past 13 decades.

We are learning about about the great crop Cocoa today. What is it? Where did it come from? Where does it grow, and what do we stand to benefit from it?

At the cocoa farms at Antoakrom and Abori, I must say that we have learned a lot about this great crop that has served our nation and the rest of the world for so long a time We were told about Tettey Quashie’s voyage to the Spanish Colony Fernando Po, and the

struggles he went through to get the Cocoa seeds to our motherland. This taught us a great lesson, that the life ahead of us is not going to be smooth and straight forward, but with perseverance and a desire to see the good of all men, we can achieve our goals.

As if the lessons we got on the farms weren’t enough, we proceeded to Unicom Commodities Ghana Limited, a cocoa beans processing company.

Not knowing the cocoa beans are of no use until they have been processed into edible forms. And this process begins at Unicom, where beans are prepared for export, after which they are taken through further processes for us to

get our chocolate, beverages and the like.

A great lesson was learned pertaining to the processing of cocoa. We came to the realiza- tion that as children, we cannot be useful to our societies with- out going through the process of refinement, for which reason we are in school.

These lessons shall never be forgotten.

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